Friday, October 1, 2010

Pioneer Kitchen

Here is a 5x7 ink & wash (aka pen & watercolor) that I recently did. I really like the pen & watercolor "look" so I thought I'd experiment with it for a little while. Someone once told me that if you can master watercolor, you can master any other medium as watercolor is one of the most difficult to work with and control. I don't know if I entirely agree with that statement. In my opinion, watercolor is kind of fun and I'm looking forward to learning more about this medium.

For this painting, I used a reference photo that I had taken at the Pioneer Village at Spring Mill State Park earlier this year. One thing that I forgot to remember... when using a reference photo, you don't have to do it EXACTLY like the photo. I can think of quite a few ways I could have made this composition better by removing and moving around some of the elements. Lessons learned! I may do this one again just to see what kind of improvements I can make to it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Boys Life: Growing Up

Well it's finally complete! At least, as complete as my drawings can be until they leave my presence because I often get them back out and tweak them here and there. I hope you like this one! Now it's on to the next one... and I'm pretty sure it won't take as long!